Do you have a servant's heart, and love to work with children? We invite you to be a part of our team!  We are currently hiring a Camp Director for 2019 Summer season.

Camp Counselor

Full-Time 7:00am-4:00pm or 9:00am to 6:00pm

Positive attitude and a genuine enthusiasm for working with children.


Essential Functions:

1) Provide quality instruction of activity assigned

2) Assist with inventory and upkeep of activity equipment

3) Assist with set up and take down of activity

4) Participate in rotation through activity areas.

5) Supervise up to 10 kids at a time.

6) Ensure your activity program is safe, fun, challenging, and promote youth development and skill progression.

7) Assist in opening/closing day activities as needed.

8) Assume additional responsibilities as directed by program directors.

9) Ability to serve and respond in a positive, respectful, timely, caring manner to a diverse background of campers.



Responsible, attentive, and patient. Must be certified.


Essential Functions:

1) Monitors activities in swimming areas to prevent accidents and provide assistance to swimmers: Cautions swimmers regarding unsafe areas.

2) Rescues swimmers in danger of drowning and administers first aid.

3) Maintains order in swimming areas.

4) Inspects facilities for cleanliness.

5) May clean and refill swimming pool.

6) May determine chlorine content and pH value of water, using water testing kit.

7) May conduct or officiate at swimming meets.

8) May give swimming instructions.

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Counselor in Training

Part-Time and Full-Time

Great internship position for graduating highschool students and college students looking for an opportunity to serve with a flexible schedule.


Gain experience working with our staff to make a difference.