We Love the child

            Whose blinking light of a hotel sign
            is their front porch light

            The child
            Who reads the menu from the right
            to the left to see if they can afford it

            Whose idea of a dentist is the
            one they see on television

            Who do not not know tears of joy...
            just tears...

            Who would love an apple a day and
            not just to keep the doctor away

            Forget an apple---How about an orange,
            a banana, a pear? How about

            A pair of socks? A pair of glasses?
            A pair of shoes?

We love the child

            Who has never seen a PG movie at the
            But lives in a R rated environment

            The child...
            Who isn't loved on by anybody
            But will love everybody

            The child...
            Who most likely forgets your name
            but will never forget you

            Whose dreams are everyone else's

            Who is not a picky eater, they
            Just want something to eat

            Whose hand is always extended
            not for hands out but
            for a hand to hold

We Love the Child

            Whose picture is on no one's wall
            Who is not on anyone's prayer list
            Who has no one to remember their birthday
            Who has never heard I LOVE YOU

            Love brings Hope
            Where there is no hope
            The heart grows sick
            Where there is no love
            The heart surely dies

We Love the Child

            At River's Edge Retreat
            To bring them hope...

We Love the Child

            At River's Edge Retreat
            Because Jesus Christ
            Our Way...Our Truth...
            And our life...
            First loved us!

We love the child @ River's Edge Retreat