Sponsors of the Week

Camp 2020

River's Edge Retreat is only possible with financial gifts given by our wonderful partners. Here we would like to acknowledge the persons and groups that sponsor individual children and make it possible for them to attend camp. Thank you for all you do.

Week 7

Chris Hinely

William King

Wes Moran

Peaches Thomas

Tony Tonelis

Week 6

Michael Bell

Bill Bradshaw

Jennifer & Patrick Baxley

Jim Hatchell

Edward Davis

DeLisa Edwards

Week 5

Nick Pournasas

Kim Pipkin

Robbie Butt

Tammy Belk Ordway

Jadda Wylie

Week 4

Riverland Hills Baptist Church

Danny and Karen Hood

Robbie Butt

Richard Sturm

Michael & Rachel DiMaria

Week 3

Joshua & Brianne Standridge

Joel Weinbach

Matt Vaadi

Ernie & Nicole Yarborough

Week 2

Ben & Jill Jackson

Kevin Marsh

Stuart & Deedra Senter

Week 1

Sam & Micca Ervin

Jimmy Addison

Jay & Tonya Hayes